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Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

ABB updates diagnostic software

Wed 15 Mar 2017 by Paul Fanning

ABB updates diagnostic software
The new RDS Integrated Operations Service

ABB is deepening its analytical and predictive approach to vessel maintenance with the latest upgrade of its Remote Diagnostic Service (RDS). The upgraded software functionalities will give more power and transparency to the shoreside operations of shipowners while ABB has stepped up its proactive monitoring of the data and predictive analytics. 

The enhancement of ABB’s digital services comes after an internal study found existing remote monitoring of machinery reduced maintenance costs by 50 per cent.

ABB is aiding the development of the shoreside operations of shipping companies by giving the opportunity to replicate ABB’s Integrated Operations Centers in their own operational centres. 

The latest version of RDS software allows shipping companies to deploy their own analytics, or those from a third party with greater ease. ABB has further developed its dedicated hardware for the monitoring of large and small rotating machinery with tight integration to the RDS software. The graphical user interface has also been improved to increase user experience and to give identical views of the detailed data both on board and onshore.

To further leverage the data received from vessels, the ABB Digital Service team has been strengthened with more data scientists and architects to promote the search for insight into the health of the monitored assets. The ABB software used as part of the Remote Diagnostic Services combines the capabilities of a dedicated onboard software with a full analytic engine onshore. Due to this modularity and capability, the software can now run the same analytics on board as onshore.

ABB is also launching the new mobile application that will allow the user to monitor the health status of connected marine machinery, starting with Azipod® propulsion.

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