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Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Battery power to drive savings on hybridised PSV

Wed 12 Jul 2017 by Paul Gunton

Battery power to drive savings on hybridised PSV
The ESS from Corvus will supply power to the PSVís propulsion system and electrical network to cut energy costs

A Corvus lithium-ion based energy storage system (ESS) will cut energy costs on Solstad Farstadís hybridised PSV Far Sun.

The Orca Energy ESS from Corvus will supply electrical power to the PSVís propulsion system and electrical network to enable environmentally friendly and lower cost operations.

The energy storage system will be utilised during all aspects of the PSVís operation, particularly during dynamic positioning and harbour operations, where fuel consumption and emissions will be significantly reduced.

Equally important to Solstad Farstad and Statoil (which maintains a long-term charter for the PSV), the ESS will increase safety through provision of spinning reserve for improved response time and increased redundancy. The spinning reserve is the extra generating capacity that is available by increasing the power output of generators already connected to the power system.

The award-winning Corvus Energy Orca ESS uses cells with extremely high energy density while not compromising safety. Orca Energy offers a compact design packing 1.6 MWh in volume equivalent into a small container. As such, Orca Energy can deliver clean energy capacity at a low cost per kWh.

ďThe energy storage system will provide significant savings for Solstad Farstad and Statoil over time, enabling the ship to more efficiently use energy produced by the generators, as well as simplifying the use of shore power. This will substantially reduce consumption and emissions. Another effect is less noise from ships in portĒ, said Christian SÝvik, vice president global services of integrator Vard Electro.

Corvus can boast more than 80 installations using a Corvus ESS, totalling over 45 MWh and one million operating hours.

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