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Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Chevron launches first seminar for marine purchasers

Wed 05 Apr 2017

Chevron launches first seminar for marine purchasers

As part of its ongoing commitment to creating strong partnerships and development through innovation, Chevron Marine Lubricants will hold the inaugural Chevron Marine Purchasers seminar in Hamburg on 11 May at VDR (Association of German Shipowners). The seminar is aimed at providing professional marine purchasers a high level overview of marine lubricant applications, the benefits of services such as drip oil and fluid analysis, as well as onboard applications which can help maximise operational efficiencies and minimise costs.

The seminar has been created and will be delivered by Chevron’s marine technical experts, who identified the need for a broader understanding of the complete lubricant operation from marine purchasers, who often do not necessarily have onboard experience. This event is part of a wider programme of technical seminars delivered by Chevron Marine Lubricants across the globe, with a successful event recently taking place in Hong Kong, and further seminars planned throughout 2017 for Athens, Bangkok, Singapore, Oslo and Shanghai to name a few. 

Chia Yoo Soon, Chevron Marine Lubricants general manager said “The marine industry is changing on a quicker basis than ever with cost constraints and legislation driving the need for greater agility to respond to our customer’s needs. With our experience delivering high level technical seminars and developing industry leading products, the introduction of the Marine Purchasers Seminar will be an important tool to inform and educate professional purchasers on how to increase operational effectiveness without reducing vessel performance.”

In a complex operating environment, impacted by both technological changes and varying costs, companies face a range of challenges in making key decisions that affect their business and operations. For employees and personnel involved in purchasing marine products, an awareness of variations in supply, product development and industry trends, for example, are of vital importance. However, this sector is sometimes overlooked in favour of a focus on specialist technical areas and content.

The topical sessions at the first Marine Purchasers Seminar are aimed at addressing this gap in knowledge, they will include: an introduction to marine lubricant blending, specialty and environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs), two-stroke engine oils and medium-speed engines, as well as future trends in marine lubricants.

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