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Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

New mobile webpage for performance data

Thu 17 Aug 2017

New mobile webpage for performance data
BMT has optimised its vessel performance software for smart phones

BMT Smart has launched a new SmartMobile webpage, optimised for smartphones and smaller tablets, that provides fast access to key vessel-performance data.

The mobile webpage presents three views to the users: fleet, vessel and maintenance. The fleet view provides an overview view of all vessels using red/amber/green colour coding to identify changes in performance relating to speed and consumption, hull and propeller fouling and trim.

The vessel view provides additional vessel performance data relating to the current fuel consumption, speed, cost and trim performance, as well as the wind, wave and ocean currents in which the vessel has operated over the past 24 hours.

The information on the vessel view helps to identify over- or under-performance, as well as the most likely cause of the change in performance, using a modern-day alternative to the traditional noon report. The maintenance page presents advanced maintenance KPIs that provide the current status of the hull, propeller and main engine.


Stena Line and Caterpillar form digital partnership

Stena Line and Caterpillar Marine, together with Pon Power, have entered into a digital partnership in which the Cat Asset Intelligence solution will provide vessel monitoring of multiple Stena newbuilds with planned delivery during 2019 and 2020.

The vessels will be optimised for efficiency and flexibility, and will be built by AVIC Shipyard in China.

Cat Asset Intelligence provides monitoring and reliability-centered, advanced analytics for any critical system on the vessel (Cat or non-Cat equipment), allowing Stena to make condition-based maintenance decisions and operational refinements. 

The scope of the digital partnership goes well beyond connecting the main engines. It also includes the auxiliary diesel generators, controllable pitch propeller, bow thrusters, boiler systems and the tank management systems. In addition to the visibility and advisories from the onboard and onshore platforms, Caterpillar will provide Stena with dedicated fleet advisor services.

“We are excited to be working together with Caterpillar and Pon Power to better use the data on board our new vessels to make better operational and maintenance decisions and reduce our operating costs, while increasing our reliability. This will allow us to further move from time- or hours-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance,” said Stena Line technical operations director Bjarne Koitrand. 

“Providing digital solutions and services to our customers requires a close partnership, something we and our counterparts at Pon strive to achieve every day with Stena, and we look forward to helping them in the practical application of our technology,” said Bert Ritscher, business development manager for Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence. “There’s a real team mentality in place to ensure Stena gets as much return from their technological investment as possible, both today and into the future,” he added.


Connected Diagnostics made available for engine management

Cummins Connected Diagnostics is now available to customers using Zonar's smart fleet-management solution, delivering critical information to operations managers that can help optimise the performance of their fleets.

By obtaining data through Zonar's V3 telematics control unit, Cummins Connected Diagnostics wirelessly connects a customer’s engine to Cummins for immediate diagnosis of engine fault alerts. Using unique Cummins algorithms, Connected Diagnostics prioritises engine fault information and translates it into clear, actionable recommendations that are immediately sent to operations managers.

With this report, fleet managers can quickly intervene when service is needed immediately, or can proactively schedule a service event to prevent progressive damage to a vehicle.

"We believe that by offering the advantages of Connected Diagnostics through Zonar telematics, Cummins engine customers will be empowered with actionable data to proactively manage their engines and increase the uptime of their vehicles," said Zonar chief product officer Larry Jordan. "We see a large opportunity to help more fleets maintain a high level of fleet performance and safety through our Cummins relationship," he added.

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