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Saudia Arabia to start testing ballast water samples

Wed 09 Aug 2017 by Paul Gunton

Saudia Arabia to start testing ballast water samples
From next Wednesday, ships arriving at Saudi ports must provide ballast water samples (credit: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ports Authority)

From next Wednesday (16 August), all ships arriving at Saudi ports and terminals from international waters will be required to provide a ballast water sample and a report, according to advice issued to its customers by Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS).

ISS explained that the aim of this initiative is to ensure all ships comply with IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention requirements, which Saudi Arabia ratified on 27 April. It follows a trial that was reported in BWTT’s annual guide, published before its ratification. That pilot project covered Ras Tanura and Juaymah Ports and ran for two months from 1 May.

Samples had to be taken by an approved inspection agency and ships had to provide a printed version of their ballast water sample report, via their local agent, to Saudi Aramco Environmental Protection Department, the agency Cory Brothers reported at the time. This model will now been extended to all the country’s ports and terminals.

ISS included a link to a ballast sampling report which should be submitted to the Saudi Aramco Environmental Protection Department along with a printed version of the ship’s ballast water sample report, via their local agent.

ISS’s note advises that if a ballast water sample does not pass the test, its result will not impact its operation during its first visit after 16 August. “However, ships that cannot show that exchange or treatment was carried out will be flagged for more stringent inspection during their next visit,” ISS warned. “If necessary, further measures will be taken against violating ships.”

• The latest version of Saudi Aramco’s Ports & Terminals Rules, Regulations and General Information includes a new paragraph, 5.10, that briefly references this reporting requirement. The document can be downloaded from the Saudi Aramco website.

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