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Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Marine Propulsion Magazine: Digital Editions

  • August/September 2018

    August/September 2018


    • MAN Energy Solutions’ latest power unit has been designed with LPG carriers in mind
    • Four-stroke enginebuilders are honing existing units
    • Ponant’s Explorers-class cruise ship employs energy-efficiency technology
    • Drone technology and 3D printing are ushering in a new era
  • June/July 2018

    June/July 2018


    • Post-2020 bunker cheating
    • Rederij Doeksen's 100% LNG-fuelled ROPAX ferries
    • The latest electric propulsion technologies
    • MAN Energy Solutions' G95 series gains market share
    • Commercial pressures increase pace of rudder innovation
  • April/May 2018

    April/May 2018


    • LNG carrier builders off to a flying start in 2018
    • More LNG owners choose low-pressure two-stroke engines
    • IMO deal charts course to halve emissions by 2050
    • Cat MEO promises significant fuel savings
    • Water in fuel? The ‘crazy’ solution to reduce NOx
  • February/March 2018

    February/March 2018


    • Shipping's digital skills challenge
    • IMO to ban the carriage non-compliant fuel after 2020
    • How digital technology can help with MRV reporting
    • Yanmar launches the world's smallest CR diesel engine
    • Vessel Profile: MOL's Triumph
  • December/January 2017/18

    December/January 2017/18


    • Cummins innovates for compliance
    • CMA ships to feature biggest-ever dual-fuel engines
    • New technology streamlines boiler operations
    • Size and energy drive freshwater generation
    • Automation tool allows multi-engine optimisation
  • October/November 2017

    October/November 2017


    • Why safety will be the driver for adoption of remote monitoring
    • Man Diesel & Turbo's new 45/60CR engine, offers 5%-12% fuel savings
    • "Misinformation and lies" what Andrew Marshall of Coldharbour really thinks
    • Wartsila's latest NOx reducing EIAPP certified systems
    • Yard Profile: Astilleros Gondan
    • Innovations in high-speed engines
    • Enginebuilder Profile: Anglo-Belgian Corporation
  • Fuels, Lubes and Emissions Technology 2017

    Fuels, Lubes and Emissions Technology 2017


    • Preparing for the 2020 Sulphur Cap
    • CO2 the next compliance hurdle for shipping
    • The growth of LNG as a fuel
    • Dealing with the cat fines problem
    • Are scrubbers the answer?
    • Differing approaches the major lubricant manufacturers are taking
    • Fuel testing technologies
  • August/September 2017

    August/September 2017


    • Hull fouling regulations are coming
    • What next for the ballast water convention?
    • Digital tech heralds better EGT sensor performance
    • Wartsila's latest NOx reducing EIAPP certified systems
    • Yard Profile: Ferus Smit
    • Sovcomflot's LNG strategy
    • Enginebuilder Profile: WinGD
    View the Chinese version here here
  • June/July 2017

    June/July 2017


    • Analysis of the OSV market
    • Wartsila's W31 Engine
    • The world's first ME-GIE two-stroke engine
    • 'Magic Pipe' fine puts the spotlight on oily-water separators
    • The latest compressor technology
    • The challenges in BWM retrofits
    • The results and implications of ExxonMobils's analysis of 400,000 oil samples
  • April/May 2017

    April/May 2017


    • The new ISO 19030 hull and propeller standard
    • Horizon Shipbuilding's innovative use of technology
    • Latest orderbook for LNG fleet
    • Developments in gas carriers
    • Steerprop's latest thrusters
    • Wind propulsion to be tested on Maersk tanker
    • New initiative aims to cut fuel consumption by 8%
  • February/March 2017

    February/March 2017


    • Globalisation "crisis" threatens shipping
    • IMO speaks out against the EU's Emission Trading System
    • Dresser Rand's new natural gas engines and gensets
    • Developments in the container shipping sector
    • The latest four-stroke engine developments
    • The latest innovations in transmission technology
    • OEMs and owners start to explore the benefits of digitisation
  • December/January 2016/17

    December/January 2016/17


    • The rise of vessel operating costs
    • Preparing for the global sulphur cap
    • MHI and Kobe Diesel to integrate marine operations
    • CM2 technology gets provisional approval from MAN Diesel & Turbo
    • The latest scrubber developments
    • Carnival's new CSMART training facility
    • Yard Profile: Damen Schelde Naval
  • October/November 2016

    October/November 2016


    • Latest ballast water developments
    • Moteurs Baudouin broadens its product range
    • Tankers shine in a gloomy market
    • Latest four-stroke and high-speed engine developments
    • Dual fuel engines
    • Why variable frequency drives are gaining in popularity
    • Hull coatings need to improve efficiency and be environmentally friendly
  • Fuels, Lubes and Emissions Technology 2016

    Fuels, Lubes and Emissions Technology 2016


    • TOTAL Lubmarine's new Talusia Optima uses Ashfree Neutralising Molecules
    • Shell revamps LubeMonitor Service
    • Key product developments seen at SMM
    • Blending on Board
    • Bunker Service Agreements
    • The latest LNG developments
    • Innovations in scrubber technology
  • August/September 2016

    August/September 2016


    • Are you ready for MRV?
    • Box coolers protected from fouling
    • Tankers shine in a gloomy market
    • BWMS makers get ready for take-off
    • Building smarter engines
    • Hybrid tug confirms benefits
    • Can remote operation transform safety?
  • June/July 2016

    June/July 2016


    • US rules on EALs
    • MAN Diesel & Turbo's advances in four-stroke technology
    • Yard Profile: Arctech
    • The latest BWMS developments
    • Enginebuilder Profile: Cummins
    • Marine Propulsion's 2016 Award Winners
    • Becker Marine's Schilling Twisted Trailing Edge Rudder
  • June/July 2016 Chinese Edition

    June/July 2016 Chinese Edition

    Annual Chinese language edition is distributed directly to 6,000 members of the Shanghai Society for Naval Architects & Ocean Engineers

  • April/May 2016

    April/May 2016


    • Reducing risks on bunker quality
    • LNG carrier orders permanent magnet shaft generator
    • Yard Profile: Samsung Heavy Industries
    • Resurgence in popularity of gas turbines on cruise ships
    • Enginebuilder Profile: Weichai
    • Area Report: Greece
    • Latest heat exchanger technologies
  • February/March 2016

    February/March 2016


    • Proactive maintenance best practice
    • New design concepts for container ships
    • Seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearing
    • Latest innovations in 2 and 4 stroke engines
    • Developments in gearbox technology
  • December/January 2015/16

    December/January 2015/16


    • latest developments in BWM ratification
    • LNG-fuelled cruise ships
    • Volvo Penta's new D16 update
    • Latest innovations in turbocharger technology
    • Developments in naval propulsion technology
  • October/November 2015

    October/November 2015


    • Profile of Sanmar's operations and strategy
    • Yanmar Engines
    • Dual-fuel enginest
    • The new Rolls-Royce azimuth thruster
    • Propellor innovations
    • Carnival's use of hull coatings
  • August/September 2015

    August/September 2015


    • The Rolls-Royce Blue Ocean team's range of autonomous ship concepts
    • Repair and maintenance - Common Structural Rules
    • Rolls-Royce and Fairplay operate first IMO III-certified diesel gensets
    • Yard profile: ASRY
    • Enginebuilder profile: Rolls-Royce