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Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Boll & Kirch introduces new automatic filter

Thu 07 Dec 2017

Boll & Kirch introduces new automatic filter
The aquaBoll filter is based on a multi-part housing with wide adaptive possibilities

Boll & Kirch introduces new automatic filter

Boll & Kirch has unveiled a new concept for fully automatic water filtration. The aquaBoll automatic filter series significantly increases overall plant efficiency of the specific application through optimised functionality and adaptability.

The aquaBoll filter is based on a novel platform concept, which is realised by a multi-part housing with wide adaptive possibilities – and all that in the smallest space and largest capacities. Filter elements, variable connection-flange positions as well as different housing materials are essential components for optimal adaption of the automatic filter for the application specific filtration requirements.

Three concepts of adaptive filtration elements are available to optimise the filtration conditions: filter candle; sieve cylinder; and fine-sieve cylinder. Depending on the size, the required filtration efficiency and the degree of contamination of the process water, these are interchangeable and adaptable. Special profiles can be included in the adaptive elements, thus covering all applications.


Erma First wins another fleet contract

Greek ballast water management system maker Erma First has secured a fleet-wide contract from Norway’s Golar LNG to supply its USCG type-approved BWTS Fit system.

In a statement last week, the company said that its equipment would be installed “on up to 16 LNG vessels”. Since Golar LNG’s website lists 16 ships in its LNGC fleet, BWTT has asked the operator when it will make a final decision on how many will be fitted and if it is reviewing whether to include its oldest vessels in the retrofit programme.

This announcement came just three weeks after Erma First revealed large orders from Safe Bulkers and other companies.

Installations are due to begin during the company’s next drydocking scheduled for the Q2 2018 and continue until the end of 2022, following Golar LNG’s drydocking schedule. Like its Safe Bulkers announcement, Erma First said that it has worked intensively with the shipping company “over the previous months to optimise and adapt the system to the company’s vessels.” In the case of that previous contract, this optimisation has involved specifying systems to suit each ship’s pumping, piping and other parameters so that each installation could be completed within the ship’s normal drydocking.

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