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Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Danish hybrid ferry project appoints German drive specialist

Mon 28 Jan 2019 by Gavin Lipsith

Danish hybrid ferry project appoints German drive specialist
The new ferry is being built in Latvia before being equipped and finished at Hvide Sand

German drive and automation specialist Baumüller has been commissioned by Danish shipyard Hvide Sand to develop hybrid propulsion for a new Danish car ferry.

The ferry, owned by ÆrøXpressen, will connect the ports of Ærø and Rudkøbing from late 2019, carrying up to 32 cars and 196 passengers. Diesel engines will drive electric motor thrusters as well as charging onboard batteries, while the vessel will run only on electricity in port.

"Scandinavia is the largest shipping market in Europe with many ferry connections and is currently experiencing a strong trend towards ecological solutions. We will contribute to environmentally friendly traffic on the water with our hybrid ferry,” said Hvide Sande senior project manager Martin Larsen.

Baumüller will supply generators for the diesel engines, drives for propellers and bow thrusters, a power distribution system and the voltage generation wiring system.

The hybrid vessel is expected to cut fuel consumption and emissions, while reducing the crossing time to 45 minutes thanks to a high speed of 11 knots. The electric thrusters will ensure good manoeuvrability and low noise and vibrations.

The ferry is already under construction in Riga Shipyard in Latvia. It will be transferred to Hvide Sande, where it will be equipped and finished, in May.

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