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Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Merger enhances tug design and engineering

Thu 11 Oct 2018 by Martyn Wingrove

Merger enhances tug design and engineering
CT Marine designed ATB tugs for Marquette Transportation that are being built by C&C Marine this year

There has been an amalgamation in engineering and naval architectural expertise for the world’s articulated tug-barge units that will improve design and reduce yard errors.

Hyperion Marine Engineering Group has added Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering (OT&BE) Corp to its growing portfolio of expertise. It now has offices in the US, India, Dubai, Norway and the Netherlands.

CT Marine & Buoyancy Consultants formed Hyperion three years ago to provide integrated naval architectural and marine engineering for the inland and offshore tug and barge industry worldwide. Its production design work includes:

  • Hull structural detailing.
  • Systems detailing.
  • Steel cutting information.
  • Yard detail design packages.
  • Electrical, piping and HVAC.
  • Outfitting design and support.
  • Construction inspection and management.

Hyperion added OT&BE for its design expertise in the offshore, oceangoing and inland towage sectors, which was required because additional class requirements have increased the complexity of design and engineering projects.

All Hyperion’s ATB designs begin with a 3D model which is used to produce 2D drawings for shipyards, owners and class. By using 3D models, naval architects can identify potential conflicts and resolve them before construction begins.

Hyperion uses 3D ship design packages such as Ship Constructor, Nupas Cadmatic and Catia for creating and adapting these models.

OT&BE brings expertise in ATB design of all types including gas carriers, container carriers, petroleum product and crude carriers, roro, railcar carriers, and chemical barges.

CT Marine has designed ATBs for Marquette Transportation, which are being built by C&C Marine and Repair in the US this year. It has also designed ATB units for IWL River’s newbuildings at Eastern Shipbuilding in 2017.

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