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Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

New Caterpillar thrusters are hybrid compatible

Thu 11 Oct 2018 by Ed Martin

New Caterpillar thrusters are hybrid compatible
An MT 628 v3 hybrid propulsion system in the factory

Caterpillar Marine has announced a new generation of azimuth thrusters, the MTA v3.

Based on the existing v2 design, the MTA v3 is designed with hybrid systems in mind and aims to boost fuel efficiency and give customers the best operational modes for their performance needs.

The v3’s hybrid interface means it can switch between mechanical and electric power easily, allowing users to achieve high average engine loads by running only the necessary engines or generator sets needed to meet the desired operational mode.

Users can select between standby and low-speed transit, high-speed transit and light towing, full power and firefighting modes.

The new line builds on its predecessor with a 20% lighter weight, 27% decreased oil volume, increased power density of 25% and a 3% bollard pull increase. Auxiliaries such as the hydraulic power pack, gravity tank, cooler and clutch hydraulics are integrated into the azimuth unit itself, giving it a smaller footprint overall.

Thrusters from Cat’s 3500 range including the MTA 524, MTA 627 and MTA 628 are available in MTA v3 versions at power ranges from 1,500 kW to 2,525 kW.

Caterpillar Marine’s tug and salvage segment manager Jorgen Karlsson said “The addition of the new MTA v3 to our marine product programme really completes our offering to the tug segment and provides a leaner, simpler and more efficient integrated solution to our customers.”

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