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Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery

Stena to use self-contained solution for battery retrofit

Wed 14 Mar 2018 by Rebecca Moore

Stena to use self-contained solution for battery retrofit
A self-contained energy storage system will be used on the Stena Jutlandica retrofit, leading to a range of benefits for Stena Line

Stena Line will use a self-contained energy storage system on the battery retrofit of Stena Jutlandica, allowing the unit to be moved to another vessel and easing the replacement of components.

The concept includes a large energy storage system including automation and interfaces to the ship’s existing power distribution.

Concept development is in collaboration with system integrator Trident Maritime Systems (formerly Callenberg Technology Group) and will be a self-contained solution including all essential components fitted into one container unit.

A statement from Trident explained that the decision to make it containerised will give the option to move the whole unit to another vessel if the route or requirements change.

It added “The modular design also enables components to be replaced when new technology is available which makes the system sustainable for the future.”

The unit will be located on the weather deck, have the capacity to supply up to 3,000 kW instantaneously and has an energy content of approximately 1,000 kWh.

The solution will contain all components required to be fully automated, including battery banks, converters, transformers and control systems. Peripheral equipment for safety, cooling and monitoring of performance is also included to meet requirements from classification societies and authorities.

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