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Marine Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery Product Guide

For the busy fleet manager, superintendent or marine engineer, Riviera's Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery Product Guide is an indispensable reference for their day-to-day operations.
Marine Propulsion & Auxiliary Machinery Product Guide 2018 will be circulated with the April/May issue of Marine Propulsion and will also be circulated at key industry shows. A digital version of the Guide will also be available on our website and distributed via our newsletters. 

Key industry suppliers are profiled and grouped logically under the following headings:

Propulsion Systems         
Bearings; Brakes; Combustion Engines; Couplings; Engine components; Engine maintenance; Exhaust gas systems / exhaust gas treatment; Fuel cell drives; Gears; Hybrid drives; Injection systems; Pod drives and drive systems; Propellers; Shaft units; Systems and components for alternative fuels; Tools and accessories; Turbines; Turbochargers; Water-jet drives; 

Auxiliary Systems
Compressed air systems; Cooling water systems; Diesel generators; Fuel systems including Dual-Fuel, LNG, Methanol / Biofuels, MFO / MDO; Fuels, coolants and lubricants; Lubricating oil systems; Shaft-driven generators; Sludge and dirty oil systems

Ship Operation Equipment
Air-conditioning and ventilation systems; Cooling systems; Environmental protection technology and products; Fire extinguishing systems; Freshwater systems; Heating systems; Heel compensation units; Lateral thrusters; Pump and ballast systems; Rudder units; Ship safety equipment; Stabiliser units; Tank cleaning systems; Tank filling systems; Tank heating systems; Waste systems; Waste water systems.

Marine Technology
Fixed and floating marine structures / platforms; Marine data, measurement and communication technology; Marine equipment and components; Offshore technology for exploitation of natural resources; Polar technology; Subsea technology; Systems and equipment for marine research; Systems and equipment for the control of marine pollution

Electrical Engineering / Electrics:
Communications equipment; EDP technology; Electric propulsion technology; Converters; Electric motors; Generators; Transformers; Transverters; Lighting systems; Monitoring systems; Naval sensors; Navigation and position-fixing equipment; Shipboard networks, switchgear, installation

Ship management systems
Ship operation and automation equipment; Warning and safety equipment

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